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JolliSavers Baby Diaper
Size Packing Size Carton Measurement L x H x W (MM) 20'' FCL 40'' HC FCL
S S26'S x 12PKTS 595 x 340 x 310 415 1053
M M22'S x 12PKTS 545 x 350 x 380 359 910
L L20'S x 12PKTS 540 x 355 x 410 331 840
XL XL18'S x 12PKTS 500 x 330 x 445 354 899
Specifications :
  Double Super Absorbent Layer
  --> Excellent absorbency to save time and money on diapers change, and keep your baby dry all the time.
  Saddle Shaped Tailored
  --> Fit baby's crotch perfectly and reduces oppression between legs.
  Colourful Low Density Waterproof PE Backsheet
  --> For excellent water resistance.
  Easy Refastenable Tape System
  --> Keep the diaper securely fastened in your baby's movement. Can easily adjusted for better fit and comfort.
  Super Dry & Soft Touch Sheet
  --> Prevents uncomfortable rewetting and keeps your baby dry and clean.
  Comfortable Leg Elastics
  --> Prevents marks on your baby leg's and ensures comfort while your baby moves.